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Episode 126: How to create an on-line persona?

Episode 126: How to create an on-line persona?

Do you know how you are perceived on line?

Not sure?

Google yourself.

Like what you see? Is this what you want your friends and family to see? Maybe a new boss? Will this help you get that new job you always wanted? What will this do to you career?

While not exclusively your on-line persona, it is a great snapshot. An on-line (or Internet) persona is a social identity that you establish for yourself. Used in online communities and websites, it presents you and your beliefs.

This time we look at how to go about creating one.









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Episode 125: What is a USP and should I have one?

Episode 125: What is a personal unique selling proposition (or USP) and should I have one?

Last time we looked at the question of if you needed a Personal Brand. This time we look at USPs.

In business our products and services have USPs or Unique Selling Propositions. Typically the talk about the main differences between us and our competition. When building a career, we should also think about creating USP for ourselves. This time we look at a simple seven step processes to create one.

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Episode 124: Do I need a personal brand?

Episode 124: Do I need a personal brand?

We would all accept that in a competitive market it is important to differentiate. While that’s true about products, we don’t always connect this to ourselves. Over the next three episodes we look at key elements of having a personal brand. We will cover USPs and online personas but first to your personal brand.

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Episode 122: Accepting a job you haven’t proved you can do?

Episode 122: Accepting a job you haven’t proved you can do?

Someone argued with me about the sense of taking a job that you didn’t have the skills for. As a mentor and as an employer – how should you feel about that? As an employee, should you ever consider a job that you are not sure you have the skills for. This time we review this question from both the point of view of the employee and the employer.

Episode 119

Episode 119 | 3 Minute Mentor


What is the role of creativity at work?
The most creative organizations are often the most successful ones and helping your team think outside the box may be the most important thing you can do to help them.

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