Become a 21st Century Executive

Serving as a guiding inspiration to help the next generation with making the right career choices, The 3 Minute Mentor team have created a new book, Become a 21st Century Executive: Breaking Away from the Pack.

This easy-to-read and clear-cut manual for any worker, manager, and leader of any sort who finds themselves muddling through their job and career. In each chapter, Become a 21st Century Executive provides practical advice on how to avoid being a stuck-in-the-middle manager, and how to start behaving and becoming a 21st century executive.

With short and thoughtful insight to helping leaders make better career-impacting decisions and how to succeed in middle management, the book appropriately states we are accountable for our own success and recognition. And more importantly, he provides readers with tools to inspect their performance, expectations, and fears. Become a 21st Century Executive offers real and valuable advice on topics including but not limited to, dealing with passive-aggressive behavior, judging talent and opportunity, managing stress, and how to get promoted faster.

A must-read for professionals, students, managers, and leaders of any sort, Become a 21st Century Executive touches on themes such as:

Key skills to become a 21st century executive
Managing your career, effectiveness, and team
How to rise in the middle ranks of management
There is no such thing as work-life balance, only work-life choices
The importance of having a mentor
The role of ethics in the workplace

You can order the book here.