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Dessau writes with the easy confidence and authority of someone who has been there. He is a seasoned veteran of the “office warfare.” His practical advice is as useful as it is refreshing. I just wish this book had been around much earlier in my career!” David Roman, CMO Lenovo

As a frequent guest of airport bookshops, I find the bookshelves are typically reserved for Buffet, Gates, and other great business tycoons like Kim Kardashian. Getting the right mentors is important to all of us and if you are looking to build a career path, Become a 21st Century Executive is bang on the mark. Lauren Flaherty, CMO Computer Associates

I applaud Nigel Dessau for his insightful book, Become a 21st Century Executive: Breaking Away from the Pack. Nigel does not engage in theoretical concepts. His writing comes from having “been there and done that.” I know that Mr. Dessau has been and continues to be extremely successful. In his book, he graciously shares a foundation for helping readers generate informed decisions. Managers who want to be successful should have a copy of Become a 21st Century Executive on their bookshelf for ready reference! John Ellett, CEO nFusion

Dessau’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to avoid muddling through their job and career. It provides proven and practical advice anchored in Nigel’s twenty-five-years+ career as a successful manager and leader.” Don Ruse, Partner at Axiom Consulting Partners

People get stuck in their careers, both in smaller organizations as well as within large ones. The book contains very sage advice that I really believe will be a helpful guide for people trying to grow to the next step. Even long-time managers who find themselves in marketplaces that are changing rapidly around them—like my own crazy industry—will benefit from the discussions. Change management is often required in these circumstances, and you can definitely be trapped if you don’t recognize the need for new approaches, and new management and leadership styles. Lois Paul, Founder, President and CEO of Lois Paul and Partners

Become a 21st Century Executive features some great leadership advice from someone who has been there, done that (and done it well). This new book by Nigel Dessau is a powerful tool for those who want to advance their careers and rise to the top of the heap. Nigel lays out a solid framework that helps the reader make better career-impacting decisions. It should be on every leader’s desk! Kent Huffman, CMO at BearCom Wireless

Nigel’s twenty-five-year marketing career unearths the definable difference between leadership and management—a must-read for anyone with the desire to build effective teams. Having worked with Nigel and seen his 3 Minute Mentoring in practice, his practical approach will free up more time for strategic and creative development—paramount for any business leader. Nigel is one of the more forward-thinking and visionary marketing leaders in tech—a terrific guide to success! Mark Bunting, Visiting Professor of High-Tech Advertising and Marketing, University of Texas

Nigel Dessau, with whom I worked closely at IBM for years, has written a very interesting book on a long neglected subject: How do you succeed in middle management? CEOs and other senior executives deal with big issues—leadership, strategy, transformation, survival—and lots of books have been written to help them succeed at these big tasks. The reason that CEOs can focus on the big issues is that they delegate the mundane, everyday ones to their middle managers. And while not as weighty or sexy, the myriad everyday decisions that middle managers make are key factors in the success or failure of their companies, their teams, and their own careers. In the end, how well we [move] through these middle management decisions will often determine whether we get to make bigger ones. Become a 21st Century Executive: Breaking Away from the Pack was written for the middle manager, especially those aiming to successfully move up or on. This long-neglected, often derided segment finally has a book of its own. Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Former IBM Executive and Visiting Lecturer, MIT

While some succeed [at their careers] and others go down in flames, the vast majority get stuck. If you want to know what to do when you get stuck you should read Become a 21st Century Executive. It is realistic, [it is] based on real-life experiences, and it will allow you to unstick yourself and get back to rising to the top. Andrew Willis, CEO at Stop Abuse Campaign

Middle-management roles are some of the most difficult in any organization. The intersection of strategy and execution creates a unique set of challenges and pressure. Nigel’s advice can help leaders become more effective in these critical roles. Navigating the mid-section of an organization can be challenging and filled with frustration. Nigel helps unlock some of this frustration with his timely and relevant advice. Career support to middle managers is lacking in many organizations. Nigel provides practical insight for leaders to apply to a broad range of critical situations. Allen Sockwell, CEO, Sockwell Advisors

Dessau has filled in the gap between the MBA degree and the lessons learnt from the school of hard knocks. He has shown us the human side of being a manager by providing a practical, here’s-how-to-do-it guide. The observations he makes ring too true in my ears! I wish he had written this book years ago when I started on my career. Thanks, Nigel. You will be a savior to many a [middle] manager. Robinson Roe, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Air Watch

I wish Nigel had written this book twenty years earlier! His message is particularly poignant to the tech industry executive. The peaks and valleys of tech often create the impression within management that they are solely responsible for the peaks and unjustly blamed for the valleys. Nigel appropriately states that we are accountable for our own success and recognition. And more importantly, he provides us with tools to inspect our performance, our expectations and our fears. I will make Become a 21st Century Executive required reading for my children, employees and clients. Mark Ward, Managing Partner, WardCapital

I highly recommend Become a 21st Century Executive wherever you are in your career. You’ll find real value across a range of important business topics in virtually no time. Carmen O’Shea, Head of Talent Marketing & Interim Head of Diversity at SAP

With short and thoughtful insight into everything it takes to succeed in middle management, Nigel Dessau helps his readers chart a fast path to the top. Peter Bingaman, Vice President Marketing and Communications at MSC Industrial Supply

I highly recommend keeping a copy of Become a 21st Century Executive on your desk. Nigel was the first senior executive to give me a shot at management. Over the year I worked for him, he taught me many of these management lessons. Now readers can have and reference his invaluable advice anytime. Larkin Kay, Founder at Larkin Kay Marketing

The 3 Minute Mentor website succeeded in delivering both new information to the beginning manager and reminders to the experienced manager in a concise, informative and interesting way. I highly recommend Become a 21st Century Executive for anyone in management, regardless of the level. Become a 21st Century Executive provides tremendous insight across a range of important business topics. Ron Greenberg, CEO,

Finally, a practical guide to helping middle managers not only survive, but thrive in today’s complex workplace. Become a 21st Century Executive provides sage advice that helps its readers assess their strengths and weaknesses and offers sensible recommendations to address a wide range of workplace situations. I had the pleasure of working for Nigel while we were both at IBM and have seen him drive exceptional results by practicing what he preaches. Joe Labriola, Vice President of Product Marketing at PGi

Business as usual isn’t cutting it anymore. Change, adapt or die is the new mantra for management. Stay ahead of the pack by reading Become a 21st Century Executive. Learn from the experience of others as you adapt and change throughout your career. Jeffrey Hayzlett Global Business Celebrity, TV Commentator, Best-Selling Author & Sometime Cowboy